BREAKING: Clarence Thomas REMOVAL Announcement – Supreme Court Bombshell…

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) shocked Americans by proclaiming that it is time to “introduce articles of impeachment” against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

During a Friday interview with MSNBC’s “The Beat,” Senator Boxer jumped on the leftist bandwagon seeking to remove Justice Thomas from office.

Senator Boxer said, “I would say this, I thought if Clarence Thomas had been a Senator and his wife was texting the president’s chief of staff about overturning democracy, Clarence Thomas, if he were a senator, would have been thrown out of the Senate if he knew about it and did not recuse himself from the case.”

Democrats want to remove Justice Thomas because of his wife’s involvement with the Jan. 6th protest. The real reason, of course, is they want to sway the political balance of the Supreme Court back in their favor.

Senator Boxer continued saying, “Even though in our history only one Supreme Court justice has been impeached, that was in 1804, I still think it would be good for someone to introduce articles of impeachment, to lay out this abuse of power for everyone to see.”

Democrats are particularly desperate to push impeachment as they are likely to lose control of the House and the Senate in this year’s midterm elections.

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  1. And how about removing President Biden for his corrupt activities in China, Russia and The Ukraine? That the biggest scandal and should be addressed!

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