BREAKING: Chuck Schumer Trial Notice – He’s Going Down

Mark Levin wants Chuck Schumer on trial before the Supreme Court.

The Fox News Channel host is not holding back over allegations that the Senate Majority leader should be held accountable.

“[I] want to talk quickly about Chuck Schumer,” said Levin during a recent show. “He threatened two U.S. Supreme Court justices. He threatened the Supreme Court. He assembled a mob on the stairs of a Supreme Court that tried to break into the Supreme Court, but for that 13-foot bronze door there. And he warns those justices that they are, in fact, in for hell if they don’t vote the way he wants. He threatened the Supreme Court. He used the Kavanaugh hearings him as Mollie Hemingway so brilliantly wrote, ‘to convene a mob, to disrupt hearings.”

Then Levin said it was time for Schumer to be held accountable:

Who the hell does this clown, Schumer, think he is? Stomping all over the Constitution with a 50-50 vote in the Senate, trying to impose his will on the American people, on the whole country, and now going to have a rogue trial? He’s the one that should be on trial and all the other reprobates that have for decades been threatening the American people and making outrageous comments to try to stir up and create fringies among their own base.

To read more about Levin’s comments, click here.

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