BREAKING: Chuck Schumer Shocks Joe Biden – Dems Are Moving On…

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shocked President Joe Biden by announcing that the Democrat party will move forward with marijuana legalization with or without the President’s support.

During an interview with Politico, Schumer said, “I want to make my arguments to him [Biden], as many other advocates will. But at some point, we’re going to move forward, period.”

Biden has lagged behind most of the Democrat party when it comes to marijuana legalization and has been hesitant to support legalization.

Schumer continued saying, “The legalization of states worked out remarkably well. They were a great success. The parade of horribles never came about, and people got more freedom. And people in those states seem very happy.”

While it is unlikely this difference in opinion will become a major issue, it is still shocking that Biden has demonstrated such reluctance to legalize marijuana. Even Republicans are softening to legalization, and federal legalization could likely be a bipartisan issue.

This will be an issue worth keeping a close eye on as a protracted fight over legalization would be costly to Biden. Marijuana legalization is low on Biden’s agenda, and if it is going to happen, it needs to happen quickly.

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20 Responses

  1. Sure people are happy, they are stoned and don’t know what is being done to America. That is the way the Democrats want it to be. They cannot do anything without lying or cheating but we are on to them.

    1. Right on! If you Get high/drunk enough (covid necessary) you won’t care that the Dems are ushering in our replacements through the southern border.

  2. They can legalize marijuana but won’t let people work. Those democrats think they are god. They need impeached now before they turn america china or big mexico.

  3. Schummie and pissoli along with biddey and brownie VP always are stoned on something
    Impeach all the lousy communist racist democrat bastards

  4. “CHUCK” (verb) Schumer. He is out of control and spends recklessly trying to make people happy so they will vote for him.

  5. If you can’t gain control over the populace with fear (covid) then drug them all and keep them stoned. What else could be their reasoning for legalizing pot?

  6. You need to be stoned to put up with all the things that the Dems are doing to are blessed USA. It don’t even feel like where I was born and raised at all. Mexicans have all the right.
    Not the tax payers. Please give me a joint I need it.

  7. I disagree with your about people who smoke marijuana “are too stoned to know what’s going on America”. I know several people smoke weed that are in tune with what’s going on. I completely agree that biden and most dems are liars and cheats. That is evident when watching or reading mainstream media sources. People are dense. Esp those who helped him cheat to get into office. That was the ONLY way he could have won and he knew it. That’s why he cheated in the first place. Which most people know and others are finally catching on.

  8. It’s getting to that time where Americans take back this country or lose it !!! Enough is enough of this horse manure !!! I know this is a forum but I’m venting as to the bad decisions that are being made by Biden and his administration !!! This has gone on long enough – either split the country or get a decent administration to run it – one or the other !!!

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