BREAKING: Chuck Schumer Linked to $92M Scandal – The Proof Is Sick…

Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been caught red-handed raising $92 million in dark money from anonymous donors while criticizing Republicans for their use of anonymous donations.

Majority Forward is an organization closely tied with Senator Schumer’s political action committee, and in just one year, they brought in nearly 100 million dollars.

Over half of those funds were then donated to Senator Schumer’s political action committee.

Senator Schumer’s use of dark money is especially egregious considering his demands that anonymous donations over a certain amount must be publicized.

Senator Schumer and his Democrat cohorts have pushed a narrative that Republican funding is coming from anonymous billionaires eager to subvert democracy. However, it seems as though Democrats are gaslighting Republicans.

Parker Thayer, a Capital Research Center investigator, explained, “The Democratic Party makes a big deal in public about getting rid of dark money, getting dark money out of politics, but the reality is even the New York Times is now reporting on this.” Senator Schumer would be wise to clean house before going after Republicans.

Read the full story here.

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