BREAKING: Christians On The Run After Terrifying New Law Passes – Deaths Are Stacking Up…

An Indian bishop claims Christians are being persecuted in a “coordinated” fashion during their worship services all around the country, with at least 300 attacks and the passage of “unlawful conversion laws” in  many states.

The anti-conversion laws make it illegal to covert someone to another religion using “misrepresentation, force, allurement, fraudulent means or marriage.” The person converting also has to report the conversion to the local magistrate.

Rev. Joseph D’Souza said the laws are a smokescreen and am to make it impossible to legally convert someone to Christianity.

“This is not ultimately about India’s Christians and Christian community,” he said. “It’s ultimately about the rights of the low caste and the untouchables.”

That’s because Christianity puts everyone on an equal plane, unlike any other world religion.

Read the full story here.

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