BREAKING: Christians ARRESTED In Church Raid – Pastor Taken By…

A pastor and six members of his congregation were arrested on Sunday during a worship service in China’s Shanxi province after security agents raided it.

The church, The Xuncheng Church came into being as an offshoot of Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in Chengdu, which was shut down by the CCP in December 2018. ERCC’s pastor, Wang Yi, is currently serving nine years in prison for “inciting subversion.”

Homes of ERCC members were also raided in April, where members were worshipping on Zoom with a taped sermon of Wang Yi. Xuncheng Church Rev. An Yankui is a graduate of the seminary founded by ERCC.

Arresting officers asked Rev. An whether his preaching credentials had been approved by the state and whether the service had been registered with the government.

Police took contact information from everyone present and confiscated phones so the raid could not be recorded. They also took Bibles, hymnals, and choir robes.

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