BREAKING: Christianity REVERSAL – Hillary Turns Back On…

In an interview with Sky News on Wednesday, twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused President Donald Trump of trying to “hijack Christianity and the Bible,” calling his efforts “hypocritical.”

Calling Trump’s behavior a pattern, she said that he mischaracterized protesters as violent when they were “totally peaceful,” referring to Lafayette Park Police’s actions to clear protesters from the park before Trump walked to St. John’s church nearby.

Trump help up a Bible while standing in front of the church, which had been vandalized and partially burned by rioters the night before.

Park police disputed that the protesters they cleared were peaceful, saying in a statement that they were throwing bricks, frozen water bottles and “caustic liquids” at them before they were dispersed so that a fence could be installed in the area.

Clinton’s comments are not surprising; I really don’t expect her to start telling the truth now.

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