BREAKING: Chris Wallace Shocks Audience – Sick Announcement

Fox News host Chris Wallace shocked audiences with his views on the delay in impeachment. In a move this isn’t surprising given his avowed antipathy to President Trump, he is giving House speaker Nancy Pelosi too much credit instead of acknowledging what’s really happening.

Pelosi is freaking out over impeachment. She knows the case will never survive in the Senate.

As a result, she is holding back the articles of impeachment from the Senate. It is the only way the Democrats can sustain the impeachment farce while holding off the consequences.

Chris Wallace is doing yeoman’s work as a Democrat propagandist in his latest comments, arguing: “This is really getting under President Trump’s skin. He wants a trial. And to the extent that Nancy Pelosi holds that up, he doesn’t get what he wants. So I think what she may be counting on is that somehow the president will start pressuring [Sen.] Mitch McConnell.”

If that is really Pelosi’s plan, it is a bad plan. McConnell and Trump are working together on tackling impeachment. If she hopes to drive a wedge between them, she is truly desperate.

Wallace of course is wrong. What is really happening is Democrats went all in on bad cards. Now they are trying to get out by any way they can. Their gamble may have already cost them the 2020 elections.

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