BREAKING: Chris Wallace LOSES IT – Ends Career On Camera…

President Donald Trump issued a series of critical tweets over the weekend against a top Democratic nemesis — House Oversight Committee chair and Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings — that accurately noted how the city of Baltimore that Cummings represents was a dismal failure.

Trump pointed out the rampant corruption and crime and “rodent-infestation” that residents of West Baltimore had to deal with and, as if on cue, the president’s haters responded with shouts of “racism” in light of the fact that Cummings is black as well as a majority of the city’s residents.

One of those critics was “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, who smeared the president with an ignorantly false accusation that he didn’t believe the people of Baltimore were “human beings.”

Wallace also falsely asserted that the president had used “subhuman” terminology to describe the people of Baltimore, wrongly assuming — and revealing quite a bit about himself — that the talk of “vermin” and “infestation” was in reference to the minorities that lived there, not the rats and rodents that Trump clearly mentioned.

Chris Wallace has long been in the “NeverTrump” camp and continues to reflexively stand opposed to everything done or said by the president to this day.

His hateful accusations that impart racist motivations to the president’s tweets are just the latest example of how much he truly despises the president and will seek to attack and smear him at any given opportunity.

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