BREAKING: Chris Wallace Gets Bad News – He’s Finished

Chris Wallace claimed on Thursday that President Donald Trump has the “primary responsibility for what happened” during the presidential debate on Friday because he was the first to interrupt Joe Biden, but a transcript of the debate shows that Biden and Wallace were actually the first to interrupt Trump during the initial debate topic on the Supreme Court.

“Here’s what happened. You know, we began the first segment on the Supreme Court. They each got their two minutes, and they both obeyed in that particular case. And then, Biden started to answer a question and the president started interrupting him,” Wallace said.

But a debate transcript shows that as Trump was explaining that he was allowed to nominate a Supreme Court justice at any point in his four-year term, Biden jumped in and said about a president, “He’s elected to the next election.”

Biden then interrupted two more times, and then Wallace interrupted Trump a fourth time to announce that the topic was in the open discussion period and promptly gave the floor to Biden.

John Nolte at Breitbart summarized the rest of the debate this way: “So it was not only Biden who set the tone that it was okay to interrupt and heckle, it was also Wallace who interrupted Trump on three occasions, just as he was making valid points about the Democrat Party’s affection for stripping all of us of our private health insurance, the VA scandal, and how Biden’s affection for open borders and his son Hunter’s sponsors in China would have made the coronavirus exponentially worse.”

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