BREAKING: Chris Wallace Gets Bad News About His Job – Fox Fans Stunned

Chris Wallace just received bad news about his job.  Millions of Fox News fans around the country are stunned — and debate has erupted nationwide over the implications.

“I think Wallace did an abysmal job,” said Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, referring to Wallace’s job as debate moderator. “I think he was whiny and petulant. I think he wanted to be the center of attention.”

Cruz also recognized that moderating the debate wasn’t easy, but it was obvious the entire who Wallace was supporting. We know that he “is voting for Joe Biden, that his politics are liberal,” and that means he failed at moderating the debate.

From the “snide comments” to unequally critical questions that amounted to “an oppo research dump” on Trump, Wallace didn’t even try to look impartial — he played softball with Biden while trying to box Trump in. It was ridiculous.

Following the chaos of the debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates has decided to change the rules going forward, however, let’s hope the Commission focuses on what matters the most: having a fair moderator instead of an activist.

Even Trump rightly commented during the last debate that it felt like he was debating Wallace, not Biden. Let’s hope the next debate is far more productive — otherwise there is no point in having them in the first place.

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