BREAKING: Chris Wallace EXPOSED – He’s Ruined

One of the most inaccurate parts of Tuesday night’s presidential debate occurred when Chris Wallace said that Trump banned “racial sensitivity training” in one of his executive orders.

In fact, the order did not ban all “racial sensitivity training,” only one particular program that involved Critical Race Theory, which posits that all white people are racist and privileged because the system is set up to benefit whites over other races.

The order came about when Christopher Rufo, a contributing editor for the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, published an article that said some government agencies were using Critical Race Theory in their diversity training, which Trump disagreed with.

Trump has been critical of the theory and of the New York Times’ 1619 Project which spreads inaccuracies about American history.

These types of deliberate inaccuracies are just par for the course any time media figures have anything to do with Trump, however.

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