BREAKING: Chris Wallace Breaks Down, Admits Everything

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has hit a new low. He just broke down and admitted everything on national television — he should not be reporting for a network that prides itself on being “fair and balanced.”

During a recent newscast,  the anti-Trump crusader recognized that while the FBI may have engaged in “terrible misconduct or even potentially crimes,” he doesn’t think this means the probe was illegitimate.

But Wallace is talking out of both sides of his mouth. Yes, while it has been established that the FBI obtained useful intel on Russia, the primary reason for the investigation was to create a false narrative about Trump.

The president repeatedly called it a “witch-hunt” for a reason. Through filing likely dishonest warrant applications and using them to spy on Trump campaign officials like Carter Page, the FBI embarrassed itself.

More than that, however, the once-admired agency tarnished a sterling reputation of being impartial and looking out for the best interest of America — not using government resources to destroy a political opponent.

Of course, Wallace doesn’t see it this way at all. He is still hung up on the Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative — something that has been disproven time and time again.

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