BREAKING: Chris Cuomo Gets BUSTED – CNN Is Humiliated

CNN host Chris Cuomo had the nerve to blast President Donald Trump for taking off his mask while alone on a White House balcony during his coronavirus quarantine when he reportedly broke his own quarantine after testing positive for the coronavirus earlier this year.

“Just propaganda. That’s all it is. I know there’s sound to it, I’m not gonna play it for you. Why should I? How much bulls— do you need in your life?” Cuomo said about a video of Trump arriving back at the White House from Walter Reed Hospital and taking off his mask for a photo op outside.

Cuomo was caught on video being confronted by a biker for breaking his quarantine and angrily cursed him out at the time. He was infected early enough in the outbreak that people were not yet wearing masks.

Radio host and author Todd Starnes said about Cuomo’s comments on Twitter: “In fairness to @ChrisCuomo – he does know a lot about B.S. Lord knows he shovels enough of it every day over at @CNN.”

The hypocrisy of the left and the myopia that allows them to not even realize that what they say applies just as much to them are just stunning.

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