BREAKING: Chinese Communist Bombshell – Joe Biden Exposed

A bombshell just dropped about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). President Joe Biden and his administration have been completely exposed.

Appearing on Fox News, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that “these Chinese threats, they are real stories,” and he implored the new administration “to do what the American people demand of them and continue to confront” the CCP.

Will Biden heed the call? It is difficult to say. He just recently banned the mentioning of the “Chinese virus” in all federal agencies, making many wonder if he is now participating in the cover-up himself.

As Pompeo noted: “We know the Chinese Communist Party covered that up. We know that they disappeared doctors and journalists who wanted to write about it, were told they couldn’t.”

He also discussed how the World Health Organization (WHO) “hasn’t been able to see the most important elements of where this virus may have begun.” It is particularly tragic, then, that Biden has plans to rejoin the WHO.

The truth is, there will likely be no accountability for China. Biden is an extreme globalist; his family also has longstanding business ties to the communist nation. Americans must correct this error during the next election.

Read the full story here.

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