BREAKING: Chinese Bombers On Mission Towards Joe Biden – Military On Alert…

China has sent some of its “most powerful bombers” to conduct training missions near Taiwan in an apparent challenge to President Joe Biden as he tours south-east Asia.

The exercises were held in the West Pacific Ocean last Wednesday.

Japan’s Ministry of Defense Joint Staff explained that “Two Chinese military H-6 bombers on Wednesday entered the Pacific Ocean after flying in from the East China Sea and crossing between the Okinawa Island and the Miyakojima. After circling in the region, the bombers returned on the same flight path.”

The area the exercises are being held is a mere stones throw from Taiwan in military terms, and China is no doubt flexing its capabilities even as President Biden commits to defending Taiwan.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has raised serious concerns that China may attempt something similar. President Biden’s weak leadership has emboldened both Russia and China and they know the time to make a move is now.

China has vowed to take Taiwan as it considers the island part of its rightful territory. Russia made similar arguments about Ukraine, further heightening fears that an invasion of Taiwan may be imminent.

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