BREAKING: Chinese Attack Surprises US Intelligence – America Shocked

A Chinese attack just surprised United States intelligence and America is shocked. Millions of people are wondering what will happen next.

During an interview on Fox News, Director of Intelligence John Ratcliffe was asked by host Tucker Carlson to comment on “China’s penetration into our networks, government networks.” Ratcliffe’s response was startling.

He said that “it’s significant and growing every day,” noting how China’s plan is to dominate economically and “one of the ways that China has made their way to the top is they understand that information is the key to their dominance.”

Ratcliffe used the Chinese government’s subsidization of Huawei and ZTE as examples. Functionally, both of these companies — which predominately focus on cell phone technology — are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“They know that they can steal more information if they run the telecommunications networks over which our information travels,” said Ratcliffe. This is how the CCP has infiltrated our society and it must be taken seriously.

President Donald Trump and his administration has fought hard against China for the last four years, but there is no guarantee Joe Biden will do the same. In fact, his family’s suspicious business ties to the communist nation tell us the story.

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