BREAKING: Chinese Are Controlling It – Joe Biden’s Secret EXPOSED

Joe Biden recently nominated Bob Iger, the top guy at The Walt Disney Company, to be the United States ambassador to China.

But Tucker Carlson is exposing Iger, and the Biden team, for sickening complicity with the tyrannical communistic regime.

“Sucking up to China is the qualification. And actually Bob Iger is just following the lead of the Biden family,” said Carlson.

Americans who voted for Biden presumably did so because they though he would be good for America, but if Biden is compromised, then it could be his loyalties lie outside the United States.

Carlson explained the significance of a recent discovery:

Today, our reporter Brooke Singman, obtained a 2017 e-mail from Joe Biden’s son, Hunter to the chairman of the Chinese energy company, CEFC. That e-mail offers, quote, “Best wishes from the entire Biden family.” It goes on to urge CEFC’s Chairman to quickly send a $10 million wire to, quote, “Properly fund and operate the Biden family’s venture with the company.”

Now CEFC, you might remember is the company that offered Hunter Biden $30 million for, quote, “introductions alone.” Introductions to the people his father worked around, introductions to his father. The company also reserved a 10 percent equity stake for someone called the Big Guy. Who is the Big Guy? Well, according to Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner, the Big Guy was Joe Biden.

And the reason behind it all is terrifying. “Our media are dependent on China,” explains Carlson. “They won’t let you view stories about Hunter Biden because those stories are really about China and negative stories about China are not allowed.”

“And yet, in the face of this, Joe Biden is accelerating our sucking up to China, installing Chinese propagandists in the U.S. government to represent our interests in front of China,” warned Carlson.

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