BREAKING: China’s Secret Connection EXPOSED – Georgia Election Is..

Democrat Georgia Senate candidate Jon Ossoff has come under scrutiny as his connections to China have been exposed. With the runoff election just days away, things aren’t looking good for Ossoff.

Ossoff’s production company, Insight TWI, produced a two-part report for Al Jazeera in 2015 that praised China for exploiting African resources.

The report followed China’s activities in Africa and praised China while denigrating Western countries that attempted to help African countries. The report failed to mention the massive profits that China has been extracting from the continent.

While a spokesperson for Ossoff claimed that, “Jon Ossoff produced reporting to shine a light on Chinese expansionism in Africa,” Ossoff’s other connections to China throw some doubt on that story.

Ossoff’s production company reportedly worked with a Chinese Communist Party linked media company to produce two documentaries about the Islamic State.

The Chinese Communist Party does not work with entities that “shine a light” on their questionable activities. Ossoff clearly has friends in powerful positions, and as the election is days away, those connections are major red flags.

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