BREAKING: China Troops At Border NOW – Huge Number Shocks Nation

The Chinese military has sent troops to the border. It is happening now, and the sheer number has shocked the nation. Millions of people cannot believe China would escalate the situation — not to this dangerous level.

“China has mobilized a huge number of Army battalions and armaments along LAC and inner areas,” said Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, referring to the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the border between China and India.

“China doesn’t recognize the traditional and customary alignment of the boundary,” Singh continued. “India and China border issue remains unresolved. Till now, there has been no mutually acceptable solution. China disagrees on the border.”

However, the Indian military “has made counter deployments” in order to repel any possible infraction on the border — or even an outright invasion by the Chinese military. It appears the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is playing war games.

And, given the current state of geopolitical affairs, the CCP is boxed is now more than ever before. The world continues to demand answers regarding the origins of the COVID-19 virus; no such explanation or investigation has been conducted.

Furthermore, as the CCP continues to push its luck with other countries, such as India and the United States, the nation’s communist government has cracked down on Hong Kong freedoms and is committing demographic genocide. It is time for a reckoning.

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