BREAKING: China Makes Unprecedented Move – U.S. Military In Shock

China is considering a plan that would curb exports of rare minerals to the United States, a move that could cripple the military’s capabilities to manufacture advanced weapons.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently proposed controls on 17 rare earth minerals which account for roughly 80% of the world supply.

If China does go ahead with its plans to restrict exports on rare earth minerals, the U.S. will have to scramble to get materials to build F-35 fighter jets.

Pini Althaus, CEO of USA Rare Earth, responded to the reports on China’s plans saying, “The writing has been on the wall for decades, and now we are seeing first-hand why we’ve been raising the alarm that China’s dominance over the rare earth and critical minerals industry is a highly volatile geopolitical concern.”

President Joe Biden must pursue mineral independence for the United States. We cannot be dependent on China for materials we use for our national defense.

China has long worked to prevent the U.S. from establishing its own rare earth industry, but that must change. Our interests have long run counter to China’s, and as such, we cannot be dependent on them for anything.

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