BREAKING: China Makes Stunning Move – Biden Fails To…

China just made a stunning move and President Joe Biden has failed to respond. He has already projected weakness to our greatest geopolitical enemy.

“We want to approach this with some strategic patience, said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki — even though the Chinese Communist Party “is hellbent on destroying America,” wrote columnist Charles Hurt.

“While Mr. Biden and Ms. Psaki and America enter this new period of ‘strategic’ hibernation, China is on the march,” Hurt continued. “They have been on the march pretty much the entire time Mr. Biden has been part of the problem in Washington.”

And that is the issue. Biden has been a career politician for 47 years; he is inculcated with the DC swamp’s insane foreign policy that gets America into unnecessary wars and ignores the real threats right under our nose.

President Donald Trump was the first president since Ronald Reagan who identified the enemy: communism. Now, under Biden, America is being placed into a state of “strategic patience,” and we know what that means.

“‘Strategic patience’ is diplo-speak for ‘do nothing,’ ‘ignore problem’ and ‘pretend does not exist and hope goes away,'” wrote Hurt. “‘Strategic patience’ is usually followed by ‘need to learn to speak Chinese!'”

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