BREAKING: China Makes Shocking Move Into Nuclear War – On High Alert…

China’s state-run Global times blasted President Joe Biden for his continued bad leadership and stupid statements from the podium.

“Global Times on Monday accused President Joe Biden of pushing the world closer to nuclear war by declaring Russian leader Vladimir Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ after invading Ukraine,” reports Breitbart.

“The Global Times was unimpressed by White House efforts to spin Biden’s remarks away as a gaffe, or later as a personal expression of his deep ‘moral outrage’ that has no bearing on U.S. foreign policy,” reports Breitbart.

“No matter how well Biden’s propaganda machine works, it cannot downplay the fact that such a blunt statement at a sensitive time could further inflame the situation,” the Times wrote.

“This was unwise and irresponsible, reflecting a dire problem within U.S. policy-making: some politicians are taking their personal grievances to the national level,” the Communist Chinese paper added.

The editorial went further, adding that Americans are being forced to deal with “soaring inflation and skyrocketing energy prices” while their government spends billions on “supporting Ukraine rather than on solving domestic problems.”

“Biden’s hostility cannot be reversed: It seems that his ultimate goal is to topple another nuclear power and overthrow its leadership. Many are seriously worrying that the Ukraine crisis will get out of control and escalate into a nuclear war, given that both sides are becoming more ferocious,” the Global Times said.

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