BREAKING: China Launches Worst Nightmare – Death And Terror Headed Toward…

The Chinese government is patroling the disputed waters around its coasts, according to state-run Chinese media.

The Chinese government has deployed J-20 or “Mighty Dragon” jets.

The jets are high-technology fighter jets owned by China.

The aircraft will allow China to “safeguard [its] airspace security and maritime interests,” according to state-run media.

The J-20s have started to patrol the East China Sea and the South China Sea in routine training sessions,” according to JustTheNews.

“China has laid claims to vast stretches of the South China Sea as well as some territorial islands in the area currently controlled by Japan,” reports JustTheNews.

“The Mighty Dragons represent China’s entry into fifth-generational stealth aircraft; it is designed for high-precision strikes and stealth movements,” reported JustTheNews.

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