BREAKING: China Issues Stunning Order – Fighter Jets Sent To…

The Chinese communist regime has long viewed the independent island nation of Taiwan as a breakaway province that remains a part of its territory and has become increasingly aggressive in attempting to intimidate that sovereign nation into submitting to the regime’s control.

Breitbart reported on yet another example of such on Tuesday when several fighter jets belonging to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army purposefully violated Taiwan’s airspace in a provocative manner.

According to a statement from Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense, “[S]everal Chinese Su-30s briefly entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone southwest of Taiwan, and Taiwan’s Air Force responded with radio warnings and monitored their movements until they flew off.”

A state-run Chinese media outlet, the Global Times, reported on the incident from the point of view of the communist regime and noted that the sorties were meant as a warning that the “PLA was determined and prepared for war.”

Furthermore, a Chinese military expert told the Times that the deliberate provocations were “required by the demands of enhancing war preparedness” and that “this will become more frequent and routine.”

You can read the full story right here.

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