BREAKING: China Invasion Bombshell – America Issues Urgent Warning

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said on Monday that he thinks China is preparing to attack Taiwan to anex it, and that the U.S. needs to be prepared to defend it.

“Joe Biden is showing weakness around the globe and our adversaries are probing and pressing,” Cotton said. “I mean, China is the biggest threat we face in the world right now, Bret, it’s not just a security threat, but an economic threat as well. What they’ve done in terms of kind of probing Taiwan’s airspace is, in my opinion, trying to set the stage one day for a potential invasion and annexation of Taiwan, which would be a catastrophe for American interests.”

Cotton advocated an end to the ambiguity of previous policies, which did not explicitly promise to go against China or support leaders in Taiwan.

“Things have changed, the People’s Liberation Army is now capable of executing an invasion of Taiwan,” Cotton stated. “So, the only thing really restraining Xi Jinping, China’s leader, is what the United States will do.”

Cotton said that making our position clear would deter conflict rather than encourage it. But getting China-friendly Biden to do so is a long shot, at best.

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  1. This, in addition to what Red China does with its fishing fleets which are also paramilitary, worldwide, show that Xi Jinping is moving up their schedule for world dominion much earlier than the Centennial Year 2049. We should collectively pray daily and earnestly for the conversion of China and all communist and muslim nations.

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