BREAKING: China Hit Hard – Strike Devastates Nation

American allies are coming together to demand an investigation into China and the origin of coronavirus even as China makes threats against them.

Australian Prime Minister has called for both China and the World Health Organization to be investigated regarding the pandemic, and has stood firm even as China has threatened their economic interests.

Sweden also got into the act. “When the global situation of Covid-19 is under control, it is both reasonable and important that an international, independent investigation be conducted to gain knowledge about the origin and spread of the coronavirus,” Swedish Health Minister Lena Hallengren wrote to the Swedish parliament.

“This is a good sign that we’re seeing a number of key democratic allies in Europe and Asia with a pretty unified voice saying, ‘China is a problem, we need more information, and [to not be] intimidated by China’s heavy-handed response,’” author and Atlantic Council member Matthew Kroenig said.

World opinion of China has rightfully soured in recent months as it became clear that they lied and withheld important information about the coronavirus outbreak that turned into a pandemic, as well as failed to contain it to China and allowed it to spread around the world.

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