BREAKING: China Deploys Military – Tanks Headed To…

China broadcast a mock battle with Taiwan on state-owned television last week as part of a campaign to intimidate the island, which it considers a rogue province.

“Type 96A main battle tanks and Type 04 infantry fighting vehicles were shown engaged in a mock combat exercise,” The South China Morning Post reported. “The weapons were designed to fight in the complex terrain of Taiwan’s cities and counties, highlighting the PLA’s belief that a street battle would be inevitable once troops landed on the self-ruled island.”

China wants to annex Taiwan, which is supposed to be a sovereign state, but Taiwan is trying to resist as much as it can.

“With cover from the tanks and amphibious vehicles, the red army seized the city in just under three hours after removing landmines, roadblocks and other obstacles posed by the drill’s blue army,” the report said.

Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu has expressed increasing concern that China’s constant violation of Taiwanese sovereignty would lead to war.

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