BREAKING: China Caught Hiding Truth – America Furious…

China Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang had the audacity to claim on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that China was NOT committing human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang province.

“I totally reject that,” Gang said.

Well, literally the entire rest of the world does NOT reject that Gang, so you’ve got some explaining to do.

Gang’s response came after he was confronted by host Margaret Brennan.

BRENNAN: I want to talk to you about one quick thing before- before we run out of time. You talked about how important the U.N. is and what respect you have for it. So a U.N. human rights panel said there are credible reports that a million Uighurs are in a massive internment camp shrouded in secrecy, and the High Commissioner for Refugees and Human Rights will go to China soon. Will you give them unlimited access?

GANG: “I totally reject that.”

BRENNAN: Yes, you will give access or no you won’t give access?

GANG: “There’s no such a- such a so-called of human rights violation in Xinjiang.”

BRENNAN: So you will give access?

GANG: “We are in talks with the Human Rights Special Commissioner of the — and I suppose I understand there’s an agreement.”

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