BREAKING: China BUSTED Stealing Olympic Medals – They Can’t Be Trusted

As if we needed further proof that China is despicable, they are now trying to claim they won more gold medals than the U.S. by including the medals of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other sovereign nations that competed separately from them in their medals count.

The state-controlled Chinese media reported on Monday that China had won 42 medals to the U.S.’s 39, when China’s gold medal count without adding other countries’ medals was 38.

They called the group of nations “enlarged China” and also included medals from Weibo and Macau in the larger count.

It’s bad enough that the International Olympic Committee already capitulated to China by making Taiwan compete as “Chinese Taipei” and not letting them play their own national anthem when they took the podium for a medal.

I know this isn’t the type of thing to go to war or be aggressive about, but it is maddening to see them keep throwing their weight around like this.

Read the full story here.

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