BREAKING: China BLOWS Dam Up – Explosion Stuns Nation

China just blew a dam up and the explosion has completely stunned the nation. The communist nation’s vulnerability has been exposed — there’s nothing they can do to cover this up. The whole world knows now.

In response to massive flooding on the Yangtze River, the Chinese government has “blasted holes in the Chuhe River dam in order to ‘alleviate the pressure of flood control’ at the massive Three Gorges Dam.”

According to Breitbart News, the Three Gorges Dam is “the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world” and many are concerned it will not be able to handle the flooding that has occurred — a devastating prospect.

If the dam fails, “an unprecedented humanitarian and economic catastrophe could result,” continued Breitbart. The dam resides in the Yiling District and is home to over 500,000 residents, but the destruction could spread much further.

Flooding on the 3,915-mile Yangtze River has already caused loss of life and economic activity. An estimated 200 people have been killed, two million have been displaced, and “projected economic damage stands at over $12 billion dollars.”

During a time when China is becoming increasingly isolated due to the Chinese Communist Party’s crackdown on Hong Kong freedoms, cover-up of the coronavirus, and manipulation of world markets, they cannot afford such a crisis.

Read the full story here.

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