BREAKING: China ATTACKS – Conservative Americans Targeted…

The wildly popular social media platform TikTok, owned by a Chinese company, has blacklisted PragerU in a clear attack on conservatives and conservative thought.

PragerU, founded by radio host Dennis Prager, often posted short-format videos giving a concise explanation of many conservative opinions. PragerU’s videos have proven popular, and as such, it was only a matter of time before they were targeted.

PragerU issued a statement saying, “Tik Tok has permanently banned PragerU from its platform for ‘multiple violations’ of their community guidelines. This is blatant censorship.”

Multiple violations of community guidelines are a typical vague excuse used to take down and censor conservative entities on social media. There is no doubt that this blacklisting of PragerU is explicitly political.

PragerU has been targeted by every major tech company, from Facebook to Spotify. They have been embroiled in legal battles for the better part of the last year few years as they have sought to expose the Tech industry’s censorship.

Conservatives have no reason to trust Chinese companies and should expect to have their opinions and thoughts censored. We may not have social credit systems here in the United States, but conservatives are already at the bottom of the pyramid in the world of social media.

Read the full story here.

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3 Responses

  1. I thought Tic Toc had been banned in the United States. They are just another cog in the wheel of big tech trying to undermine the constitution of the United States.

  2. SCREW tictoc anyway. Communist china. Prager should not have been on there in the first place. I’M JUST SAYING!!!

  3. Here we go again. The media (cancel culture) stopping free speech. They blame Whites, Asians, Mexicans, OH and even Trump. When the Democrats are the divide and conquer party. they promote black violent action(riot and looting) A black kills a policeman, the media makes a hero of him, a police kills a black in self defense, he’s racist.

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