BREAKING: China ATTACKED – Britain Stuns World

China was just attacked. The United Kingdom (UK) has completely stunned the world and people are wondering what will happen next. There is nothing China can do about this dramatic turn of events.

“There is time for China to reconsider, there is a moment for China to step back from the brink and respect Hong Kong’s autonomy and respect China’s own international obligations,” said the UK’s foreign secretary.

With a single sentence, Dominic Raab — speaking on behalf of the British government — expressed what the United States and the entire civilized world is thinking: It is time for China to show responsibility.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can no longer be appeased by other nations, even if it means losing out on an economic deal. The world can survive without China being a massive, unaccountable power.

The UK appears to think so as well, which brings Raab’s statement into clear focus. China’s government should be respecting Hong Kong’s sovereignty, but it is trying to curb the freedom to freely protest instead.

And this isn’t China’s only political pickle, either. The communist nation allegedly tried to cover up the Wuhan coronavirus, which quickly spread around the world infecting over 6.5 million people and counting.

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