BREAKING: Chauvin Trial REVERSAL – Democrats Caught In Sick…

Breitbart’s John Nolte has a different take on Democrats’ comments about the Derek Chauvin trial than the rest of the mainstream media, which is just fawning over George Floyd and cheering for “justice.”

Nolte said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and President Joe Biden were obviously trying to force a mistrial or a reversal on appeal by demanding a guilty verdict or telling protesters to become “even more confrontational” if they don’t get one.

“You don’t do this… Unless you desperately want a mistrial and the explosion of violence that goes with it,” Nolte wrote. “You do not do this and both Biden and Waters know that.”

“The worst thing that can happen to the racial arsonists that have captured the Democrat Party is the system working,” he continued. “So they attempted to sabotage the system, to rig the trial, to deliberately behave in such an irresponsible and outrageous way a mistrial would be declared. Naturally, a mistrial would “prove” the system is rigged and justify an unholy wave of left-wing political terrorism across every Democrat-run city in the country.”

Luckily, Nolte noted, the protests are happening in Democrat cities, while MAGA country is being left alone. Thank God for small favors.

Read the full story here.

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10 Responses

  1. Wrong is wrong and wrongdoers deserve punishment. All I am asking is that they be treated EXACTLY the same way they would treat Trump. Fair is fair isn’t it?

  2. I still disagree with the verdict how a person with two armed robberies with is felonies and then high on drugs that resisted arrest it was his own dam fault yet he is treated like a king

  3. BLM also offered to burn down town with the wrong verdict. I feel this was done to intimidate the jurors.

  4. Democrafts threatened people to get their way. Stop praising criminals & learn to hold them accountable for their obvious stupid actions. If it had been a black cop, it wouldn’t even be news.

  5. If George Floyd had received a life sentence without parole for terrifying a pregnant woman by holding a gun to her while his accomplices robbed her house, he would still be around today.

  6. Disgusting these people even have a job. Much less in the government. If they worked for me I would have written them up. If they continue to do it, which is obvious they would, they would be fired. Why are they any different then the real workers of this country? The difference is that hard working people have a responsible and determined self less service attitude. Somewhere along the line these people were babied, spoiled, or just did not care about anyone but themselves. Sad no one had the courage to tell them they are no good back when they were growing up. This is what happens when parents do not teach the real value of work and having values beside the dollar. Doing things right is the real value. Unfortunately they do not teach this in schools. Society is spoiled unless you are brought up right. The media and pressure from everyone takes courage. We all make mistakes. But being intentionally mean and ignorant is unacceptable. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Walters, Newsome, Fauci, Ocasio Cortez, Harris, Jen Psaki, and many others. God is the answer. Not the devil.

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