BREAKING: Chauvin Conviction REVERSAL Bombshell – Announcement Stuns Nation

The news just dropped about a possible reversal in the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. It is a bombshell announcement.

In a stunning statement, Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz said that the case “should be reversed on appeal” due to “threats and intimidation” against the jury.

Who is to blame for that? Well, none other than the likes of Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) and professional race-hustler Al Sharpton. The trial judge even called out Waters directly.

Because these leftists demanded a guilty verdict or “the cities will burn, the country will be destroyed,” said Dershowitz, the judge said that “this case may be reversed on appeal.”

Many are wondering why the jury wasn’t sequestered for the duration of the trial, but now it is too late — and there’s no doubt that Chauvin’s defense will try to have the jury’s decision thrown out.

This case is far from over and if it does take a turn that radical leftists don’t like, then God help us all. We’ll see a repeat of the wanton destruction that spread nationwide last summer.

Read the full story here.

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16 Responses

    1. I agree let them riot like crazy and let the cops shoot them at will. bring in the national guard round them up and charge them all with treasonous insurrection and then hang them.

    2. YES…. it’s TIME ! Remember, THEY are only 2% of the nation… I think they really need to be rounded up.

  1. I agree, they are destroy there cities. All black owned business and accomplishing nothing. It is a joke on the justice system.
    I dont know what the evidence was but to threaten the jurors and the system is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. And the ones that are threatening the jury need to be arrested, and if it gets reversed because of said threats, they will riot because of it. What a true disgrace because it will be their own damn fault smh.
      Oh and why the hell isn’t Maxine waters in jail RIGHT NOW. Trump was impeached twice for much less then that hateful woman!

  2. Why isn’t Maxine arrested and put on trial for inciting riots and looting.
    She has done this in the past and nothing was done to bring her to justice so here she is again trying to incite a riot, when will she be brought to justice and thrown out of the position she wrongfully holds in Congress?

  3. Of course it will be reversed…..threats against the court system will see to that…very similar to D C statehood…. the constitution states that d c shall not be a state… these people who are destroying my country are doing everything they can to rip our constitution….It is very close to the time that we the people arm up and start a war against these politicians . save our country and prepare to do so…. after all there is only a handful who need to be gone

    1. Looks like you are very right–The Biden administration is corrupt and MUST be stopped before our beloved America is NO MORE!!!

  4. our government is so far left that they will do anything to control us even kill us just so they can live the life style that they want. flood use with illegals keep printing money that will be worthless soon And they are buying up gold with Tax dollars and selling use out China.

  5. Wow that Maxine waters can literally incite violence and nothing done about it but yet Donald Trump did no such thing and they have an impeachment trial on him and maxine waters was caught more then once inciting violence she should be in jail and threatening to burn the city down yeah she should be in prison and all Trump said was peacefully and patriotically let ur voices be heard but hey I guess democrats are allowed to incite violence and get ppl homes burned or get ppl killed and its ok tho enough is enough with these low life democrats they all need to all be investigated for crimes against humanity

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