BREAKING: Charlie Kirk Is OUT – Nation Stunned

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk is out. The founder of Turning Point USA — one of the fastest-growing student political organizations in the country — has stunned the nation. No one expected this to happen.

“I’m kind of in a hostage situation with Twitter,” Kirk said during an interview on Fox News. “I do not have access to my Twitter account because I tweeted a widely reported story.” In short, he’s out until Twitter says otherwise.

“Why should Twitter have the power to silence my entire 1.8 million person audience just because a news story changes and I tweeted something that was absolutely and completely widely reported at the time?” he asked.

It is a valid question. At the time, Kirk tweeted out an article that claimed people in Pennsylvania had requested multiple mail-in ballots. According to Fox News, the article was later amended to clarify that “numerous” individuals made the request.

But whether the request for multiple mail-in ballots from the same people is widespread of simply “numerous” is beside the point — Kirk had a right to share the article he found and engage in the discussion about this important issue.

Ever since Twitter decided to get aggressively involved in “fact-checking” users, the social media platform has spiraled out of control with censorship. It is why members of Congress may be getting involved soon to rectify the problem.

Read the full story here.

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