BREAKING: Celebrity ARREST Notice – Fans Stunned

A celebrity was just arrested and the news is spreading nationwide. Millions of fans are stunned by the incident, which occurred before a football game in Massachusetts.

Richard Hill, the former Boston Red Sox pitcher, arrived at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro with his wife to attend a match-up between the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills. But they were soon arrested by police after an incident.

“The Foxborough police reported that the MLB player and his wife were arrested after they tried to bring a large bag into the stadium and refused to allow security to check it,” according to a report.

The police also alleged that Hill and his wife, Annette, become belligerent and refused to leave the stadium. The situation came to a head when authorities tried to place Hill’s wife into a police car.

“He was told several times to back up, and he would not,” said police spokesman Robert Bugler. “And he ended up getting arrested.” But Hill is just relieved that the incident is over and they can move on.

Hill said: “Seeing my wife handcuffed for a problem that started because of her fanny pack was extremely difficult for me to witness. This was all overblown, and we are glad to have it behind us.”

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