BREAKING: CDC Exposes Education Scandal – Vaccine Isn’t…

The establishment media and leftists want America to believe the hesitance with re-opening schools has to do with the safety of the children.

But the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just released a bombshell report that refutes that claim.

During a recent interview, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky stated that with proper mitigation measures, “we can re-open schools safely, even if all of the teachers are not vaccinated.”

Walensky then explained how soon we could really open schools:

There’s accumulating data that suggests that there is not a lot of transmission that is happening in schools when the proper mitigation measures are taken, when there is masking, when there is distancing, de-densification of the classroom, ventilation, contact tracing, hand-washing, all of those things, when they’re done well, the data suggests, the science suggests that there is not a lot of transmission happening in schools, and in fact, the case rates in schools are generally lower than they are in the population surrounding it. So, that’s what the data and the science suggest. And that we definitely want to have the community rates of disease go down. We want to make sure that that is happening as well. But the data suggests that it’s safe to go back to school if you do all of those mitigation measures.

To read more about the CDC’s comments, click here.

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