BREAKING: Catholics Drop Bombshell On Nancy Pelosi – She’s Humiliated…

Catholic bishops dropped a bombshell on Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democrat party by condemning taxpayer funds being allocated for abortion.

Pelosi, who claims to be a practicing Catholic, has been under serious pressure from the staunchly pro-life Catholic church.

Leaders of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a joint condemnation of taxpayer-funded abortion included in the recently passed “American Rescue Plan.”

The group issued a statement saying, “For 45 years, the United States Congress – whether controlled by Democrats or Republicans – has maintained that taxpayers should not be forced against their conscience to pay for abortions. Abandoning this compromise in a time of national emergency only serves to divide people in the very moment we should be united.”

This statement puts all eyes on both Pelosi and President Biden, who also claims to be a practicing Catholic. The church’s stance on abortion is crystal clear, and before long, they may begin ramping up pressure on Catholics to vote Democrats out.

The Catholic problem will certainly be something to watch as the midterm elections approach. Democrats are already in a tough spot, and making more enemies will not help their cause.

Read the full story here.

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16 Responses

  1. Partially the reason they want to keep Churches closed. If they demolish religion in General, then it won’t be an issue for them to move forward with type of BS. Planned Parenthood gives them HUGE kickbacks. The Swamp deepens.

  2. pelosi, Biden are anti Catholic They use religion, the church to fool voters into voting for them They are deceitful , not to be trusted They have caused much harm to the church its tenets. Neither should be in office

    1. I agree with you 100% they do not know how to tell the truth, even when it sounds better than the lies they are telling

  3. Adrenochrome Nancy has no morals or ethics. The only prayers she says are to the gods of money and power. She disgraces the church by claiming to be catholic.

  4. Both Biden & Pelosi should be SHUT OUT of any & all Churches !!!!
    Both pelosi, Biden are anti Catholic!
    The Catholic Church should WAKE UP!

  5. Most of the democrats have lost all their morals and ethics if they had any before they were elected, because of the $$$$$$ they make and back door perks, they have strayed from the once traveled straight and narrow. They have sold their souls for $$$$$$, power, and have forgotten their oath, promises they made to the people that elected them. They have become corrupt and evil and many have committed treason against our nation and her people. They will get their punished when they face teh GREATEST of ALL JUDGES GOD HIMSELF. THE SCOTUS and others in authority will also get theirs, as each of us will. Must REPENT of sins, and begin living according to God’s Laws/Rules and Follow Him, never sell your soul to the evil, as your eternity will be with the demons, satan in the pits of hell, just in cause the Catholics don’t know it there is no purgatory. No eternity in the HEAVENLY Kingdom with our Creator, SAAVIOR..Well Saints see you on the other side.Continue to Pray for AMERICA and those that don’t know what they are doing, and don’t much care.

  6. Why hasn’t Pelosi, Biden, other democrats who claim to be Catholic, and at least 4 of the Supreme Court judges not been excommunicated. They are not only anti Catholic, but are anti religion especially anti Christian based on their actions in their jobs. This is why I left the Catholic Church and am now a non-denominational evangelical. We follow the Bible and God’s words first, the constitution second then maybe man’s laws next. The people listed above and especially the leftists democrats have no use for our God and the Bible. Anyone who accepts them as Christian are delusional, they claim to be Christian to get the Christian vote. Any Christian who voted against Trump, or even support the democrats, deserves the persecution that we are facing under Biden and his leftist handlers.

  7. While Biden & Pelosi play their absurd politic games there are going to be a lot of babies dying. Last I heard the total was 61 MILLION LIVES GONE, not because they did anything wrong but because Biden & Pelosi & others say their parents shouldn’t have to be responsible for their actions!! To top it all off Pelosi sneaks it in the covid package so all our tax payer $$$ pays for abortions! WOW, what kind disgusting politics is that & what kind of fake Catholics are they. Of course we are talking Democrats so what can we expect!!!

  8. Why hasn’t the Catholic Church
    expelled them from the church.
    Other Catholics may infer that what Pelosi and Biden are doing is not a serious Sin.
    However a sin is a sin and Pelosi and Biden not following the Grace of God by not following Jesus.
    But I guess that is ok for these two because they donate so much money to the Church.
    Perhaps the Vatican should start cleaning house.
    The leaders of the Church go from one extreme to another and the Vatican covers for them.

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