BREAKING: Catholic Officials Delivers Stunning Decision To Biden – He’s Furious

Catholic League president Bill Donohue slammed Biden for his failure to mention “God” in Biden’s National Day of Prayer address. Despite claiming to be a practicing Catholic, Biden and the Catholic Church are on a road to confrontation.

Donohue said that Biden’s speech was “inexplicable at best and objectionable at worst. No previous president has failed to mention God since the day it was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of Congress and signed into law by President Harry Truman.”

Donohue went on to speculate as to why Biden may have dropped religion from his address saying, “Those who have no religious affiliation, as well as agnostics and atheists, have laid anchor in the Party, many of whom are openly hostile to religion and people of faith. It is not a leap to conclude that this mentality colored Biden’s prepared remarks.”

Joe Biden’s status as a practicing Catholic has been in question for some time as Biden supports many positions that run contrary to Catholic teachings.

It is likely that if Biden continues to cave to the radical secularists in the Democrat Party, the Catholic Church will confront Biden. There has been extensive talk of throwing Biden and other Democrats that support abortion out of the church for some time now.

Donohue continued saying, “To the extent that Biden’s remarks reflect the sentiments of those who are running the White House, this does not speak well for him or his administration. It doesn’t bode well for the country.”

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7 Responses

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  2. Biden only uses religion when it will be good for his agenda. He doesn’t really have any faith in God or religion. He made that abundantly clear in his day of prayer speech. So we have an atheist running our country.

    1. I don’t believe in the BIBLE God. The BIBLE is the most rewritten book to date! Now their attempting to write THE JEWS OUT OF THE BIBLE! WE pray to our creator(s) THIS way WE know WEre praying to the rite God/Higher Power! WEre as religious/beliefs are very strong/WEre NOT Jewish/ WEre NOT Biden supporters!

  3. Impeach Biden and Harris! They do not follow any of the rules and regulations! Throw him and Pelosi out of the church. They do not represent America or God!

  4. JUST CAUSE people THAT dont follow the BIBLE TEACHINGS (the BIBLE is THE MOST REwritten book to date its forEVER removing/ replacing writings so its NOT a reliable resource) doesNT mean they dont believe in A God/Higher Powers we pray to the…created us THIS way WE KNOW WEre praying to the rite God/Higher Powers!!

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