BREAKING: Catholic Insiders Expose Truth About Biden – America Shocked

A group of Catholic insiders are letting the cat out of the bag about Joe Biden. It isn’t good new for the President.

According to Breitbart News, “an organization that seeks to inspire American Catholics to live out their faith in the public square has launched a website intended to ‘unmask’ President Joe Biden, a man its leader says is ‘remaking America from the ground up.’

“From abortion to racial politics, to the politicization of science and a humanitarian crisis on the border, the first 100 days of the new administration have indeed brought a partisan wrecking ball to the priorities of religious voters — albeit with a smile hidden beneath the president’s mask,” said Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, in an op-ed at RealClearPolitics.

Church said to assume Biden is harmless is a “critical mistake:”

Biden is installing an army of hard-left ideologues in every facet of the federal government with the goal of remaking America from the ground up. Combining radical policies like open borders, unlimited abortion, and packing the Supreme court as ways to advance the “equity” agenda, the Biden administration has never sought to restore previous norms, but instead to create its own.

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14 Responses

  1. Biden has always been a moderate, he does things that he thinks will get him votes. He has no idea what the American people want and need only what he wants, I hope this next election THE PEOPLE will show him the difference. He has always been #1 idiot when it comes to integrity,honesty and truth!

    1. Biden is a clever Statesman as long as he has a promoter to read from. He can no longer comprehend, the dangerous path his ultra leftists advisers are leading him down.He’s infatuated with the applause of being Prez.

    1. The two rebels who were crucified with Christ were probably murderers. Christ gave one man eternal life with Christ. The CC is very forgiving, realizing a person like Prez Biden can be forgiven, even of abortion if repentant.

    2. I agree with you, I could never understand, BIDEN and PELOSI saying they are PRACTICING Catholics, I didn’t think Christians believed in murder.
      They both should be told by a Bishop that that are not CATHOLICS.
      It makes it seem like excepted in the. Catholic church

    1. Pelosi has already been excommunicated once by the previous Pope . I forget just why but she was House Speaker then and it was because of some bill she rammed through .
      Not being Catholic , I don’t know if the excommunication can be lifted but , I am quite certain it would be big news if it were and I have heard nothing of it . It surprises me that Biden hasn’t been excommunicated what with the Church’s stance on abortion .

  2. The crisis Biden has caused with young children coming across the border is a disgrace! Border personnel can’t possibly take care of the safety of these children since Biden doesn’t give them the help they need. He doesn’t have the “guts” to go there and see what he’s caused!! The fact he’s kept the news a secret to US citizens is cause for impeachment! The Church should excommunicate him for all these crimes as well as the killing of babies.

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