BREAKING: Capital SEALED OFF – Nation Stunned

The capital was just sealed off and the nation is stunned. Millions of people can’t believe it — no one expected this to happen, and now everyone is wondering when life can finally return to normal.

“Police in southern Finland began Friday to enforce the new regulation aimed at ceasing all unnecessary human traffic to and from Uusimaa, the region that includes the Nordic nation’s capital, Helsinki,” reported Breitbart.

According to the report, Finland has a total of 958 cases of COVID-19 and “the vast majority of them” are in the Uusimaa region. Coupled with the five deaths that have occurred, authorities are desperate to contain the virus.

Ultimately, this means upsetting “the daily lives of some 1.7 million people, nearly a third of Finland’s population,” in a drastic move to stop the virus’ spread before it severely impacts the rest of the small European country.

But these are the measures that many nations are having to take in order to contain and eventually choke out COVID-19. Here in the United States, President Donald Trump recently put restrictions on all international travel.

Trump has also extended social distancing guidelines to April 30, even though he was initially hoping to reopen our struggling economy by Easter. His optimism and leadership are appreciated during this difficult time.

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