BREAKING: Candidate Gets Disqualification Notice – Nation STUNNED

Fox News host Laura Ingraham pointed out that billionaire Micheal Bloomberg should be disqualified as a candidate.

On Thursday, Ingraham said, “And it’s not just that he’s bad on guns, bad on immigration, terrible on health care and our food choices. Bloomberg’s really bad when it comes to our chief economic and military threat. I’m talking about China. In fact, he can’t even bring himself to use the correct words to describe their government.”

Despite what the media says, China, not Russia, is our major opponent. China is a country that needs to be aggressively guarded against.

Bloomberg is disturbingly weak on China. He has even declined to declare Xi Jinping as a dictator despite his brutal record.

Someone who can’t call out a leader responsible for the brutal crackdowns on the protestors in Hong Kong should never be President.

Ingraham pointed out that Bloomberg vs. President Trump would be a disaster for Democrats trying to appeal to working-class voters. Bloomberg will bow to China and allow our jobs to be outsourced. A Bloomberg presidency would be a disaster.

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