BREAKING: Cancellation Shocker – Biden Nomination Is…

A cancellation shocker was just publicly announced on a major news outlet. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s nomination could be in a jeopardy and Democrats are in full panic mode.

During an interview on New York City AM 970, former Clinton adviser Dick Morris hypothesized that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo got his state’s primary canceled in order to make a last-minute presidential bid.

“I think that Cuomo is pulling a very skillful move,” said Morris. Because of this decision, New York’s delegates will be going to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) as “uncommitted.”

Morris believes this could be a sign that Cuomo wants to stage an attempt to wrestle the nomination from Biden — who continues to spiral out of control and makes Democrats extremely nervous.

Also, if other states follow in New York’s footsteps, “Biden will not have a committed first-ballot majority” and therefore these delegates could be convinced to cast their ballots for another candidate.

The political situation for Biden is perilous, if so. Cuomo’s national spotlight — at least in the eyes of Democrats — has grown as a result of the coronavirus response, while Biden’s is completely fading out.

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