BREAKING: Canada BUSTED Helping Russia – Free Pass To Putin…

While many European countries are shutting out Russian airliners from their airspace because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one country has had no compunctions about allowing Russian carrier Aeroflot planes fly across its airspace: Canada.

Maybe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has developed sympathy for authoritarian quasi-dictators after he stomped on trucker protesters a couple of weeks ago in his own capital Ottawa.

Whatever the reason, Canada’s Transport Minister confirmed the continued welcome to Russian planes in a statement from his office.

“At this time, Canada’s airspace remains open to Russian carriers. However, the department is actively monitoring the current situation and working closely with key allies, including the United States,” Omar Alghabra’s office said.

Canada is supporting sanctions on Putin, but like the U.S., those sanctions seem incomplete.

Read the full story here.

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