BREAKING: Called It Quits – Trump Stuns Media

For the first time on Friday, President Donald Trump did not take questions at his daily press briefing, which only lasted 22 minutes.

Most daily briefings to update the public on the administration’s coronavirus response have lasted one to two hours, but Trump was bristling after the press twisted his comments on Thursday about whether it would be possible to use treatments like light and disinfectant inside the body.

After he and his team delivered opening remarks, Trump said, “Thank you very much” and walked away as reporters shouted questions at him.

He later said he would be cutting back on briefings because the press asked hostile questions, and didn’t hold a briefing over the weekend for the first time since March, except for Easter weekend.

White House staff also tried to move CNN to the back of the briefing area, but reporters refused to move their seats even when they were threatened with removal.

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