BREAKING: California REVERSAL Shocks Democrats – He’s Really Doing It

A stunning ‘reversal’ in California just shocked Democrats. He is really going to do it and nothing will stand in his way now.

“LA just closed all dining INDOOR/OUTDOOR for 3 weeks?” said Fox Sports’ Matt Leinart in a now-deleted tweet. “Can’t wait to move out of this place. Ridiculous.”

Leinart must have been pressured to delete his tweet, however, his intention is clear — he plans to get out of California as soon as possible. Even some members of the media want out.

But this is what happens when liberal politicians like Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) have an opportunity to seize power. Even if the restrictions don’t make sense, they will use the crisis to expand the size and scope of government.

In other words, Newsom is an authoritarian. By contrast, President Donald Trump refused to dictate to the states how they will handle the COVID-19 response. Instead, he empowered them to make their own decisions.

Trump’s wise decision has prevented every state from becoming like California, New York, Virginia, and other blue states with tyrants as governors. And this is why the likely presidency of Joe Biden should worry us all.

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