BREAKING: California Governor Goes FULL TYRANT – Americans Must Fight Back…

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has gone full tyrant despite the desperate needs of the citizens of his state.

According to a stunning report, Newsom is “denying fracking permits to oil companies in the state ‘in droves’ despite the ongoing surge in gas prices… accelerating a policy that was only to have taken effect in 2024.”

Rising gas prices. Inflation. Economic downturns.

These all seem like good reasons to expand economic options. Unless you are a Democrat despot.

“The fracking ban has a negligible effect on climate change, since it simply means the state must import oil from elsewhere, as drivers face higher prices at the pump, and as emissions from China and other developing countries continue to rise,” reports Breitbart.

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7 Responses

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  3. I just know all those who did not take advantage of the opportunity to get this stupid governor out of office are extremely happy with the outcome now!

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