BREAKING: California Gets TERRIBLE News – Democrats Are Furious

California has gotten terrible news as it was revealed on Thursday that the progressive paradise is the worst state at distributing the coronavirus vaccine.

Even as Governor Gavin Newsom (D) dines at fancy wineries and shutters businesses, the state has done the worst in the union to vaccinate the population against coronavirus.

To further add to the irony of the situation, California is a hotspot for a wave of coronavirus infections. reported on Friday that, “Of the nation’s six largest states, California remains the only one with a usage rate below 40%, as was the case last week. Three have since crossed the 50% threshold this week.”

It is worth noting that California was the 49th ranked state ahead of Alabama last week, but this week, Alabama managed to leapfrog California.

There is trouble in paradise, and it seems Governor Newsom has no plan to actually fix things. Newsom will likely continue clamping down on small businesses struggling to survive instead of improving California’s vaccine delivery rate.

Read the full story here.

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