BREAKING: California Gets Bad News From Congress – GOP Cheering

The liberal power held by California is not likely to be taken away soon. However, the number of representatives in Congress allocated to the state could drop according to new reports.

Fox News reports that “the Census Bureau is expected to roll out California’s latest official headcount soon, and the Golden State could lose a congressional seat for the first time in its history due to a steep decline in population growth.”

“Over the past decade, the annual population growth rate has slipped to 0.06%, lower than at any time since at least 1900,” noted Fox News. “California would drop from 53 to 52 House seats – still more than any other state – and would in turn lose electoral votes in the presidential election.”

“What you’re seeing is a continuation of the trend that’s been happening from the 1930’s: people leaving the Northeast and Upper Midwest and going south and west,” said the president of Election Data Services, Kimball Brace. “But California is the exception.”

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